Vulcano Buono

Inspired by the surrounding landscape, Vulcano Buono has a gently sloping profile that rises from the earth as a grassy green knoll. The structure’s roof is carpeted with a vegetative layer of over 2,500 plants that helps to insulate the interior spaces and reduces the structure’s visual impact so that it’s barely visible from space. Renzo Piano clearly has a penchant for grassy hills. via inhabitat

Project: Il Vulcano Buono
Author: Renzo Piano Building Workshop, architects
Location: Nola, Italy
Phase One, 1995-2000
Design Team: R.V. Truffelli (Partner in charge)
D. Magnano, P. Brescia, G. Bruzzone, M. Carroll, C. Friedrichs, S. Ishida, D. Piano, M.Palmore, H.Peñaranda, C.F. Shmitz Morkramer, G. Senofonte, E. Spicuglia E. Baglietto
Phase Two, 2001-2007
Design Team: G. Grandi, D. Magnano (Senior Partner and associate in charge)
V. Tolu, C. domenici, D. Hart, O. de Nooyer, A. Bouton
Structure: Favero & Milan
Services: Manens Intertecnica
Maire Engineering
Cost Control: Austin Italia
Studio Archemi
Fire Prevention: G.Amaro
Planting: E.Trabella
Lighting: P. Castiglioni
Photos: Moreno Maggi RPBW


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